What is OEM/ODM? - POLARBEAR's OEM/ODM service

1. What is OEM/ODM?

OEM (Original Entrusted Manufacture)

In layman's terms, the brand owner owns the core technology of the product, and in order to better save costs and reduce risks on the production line, they give the core technology of the product to a third-party manufacturer with productivity by way of contract ordering, and directly affix the brand trademark for sale after commissioning the production. This entrusted production method is OEM, to undertake this type of processing tasks of manufacturers are called OEM manufacturers, the products produced is the OEM products.

ODM (Original Design Manufacture)

In layman's terms, it means that after a manufacturer has developed and designed a certain product, in some cases it will be looked at by some other companies or individuals and asked to be produced with the latter's brand name. Among them, the manufacturer who undertakes the design and manufacturing business is called ODM manufacturers, and the products produced are ODM products.


OEM products are brands owning the intellectual property rights of the products, and the manufacturing plants are only responsible for the production.
ODM products are products for which the manufacturer owns the intellectual property rights.


2. Why more and more brand choose OEM/ODM?

Maximizing the value of products at the lowest cost is what major brands are striving for. It is precisely OEM/ODM manufacturers who meet this demand for quality and affordability. The demand for OEM/ODM OEM on the market is increasing, and the water is rising, and there are more and more OEM manufacturers, so before choosing an OEM, be sure to understand the advantages of OEM.
Solve the production problem. The emergence of foundry, just to meet the needs of many of their own does not have the productivity of the business, entrusted to a third-party producers, reduce the risk on the production line, can effectively save manpower, material and financial resources.
Focus on brand promotion. OEM/ODM OEM can solve the multiple problems of production, design, logistics, etc., so that they can concentrate on brand promotion and expand better sales channels.
With production flexibility. OEM factories can produce products with their own brands and distribution advantages according to the needs of the brands. No need to invest huge capital, technology, talent, equipment, etc., relatively speaking, reducing the cost of the businessman a lot, but also to improve the efficiency of production.

3. Considerations for choosing a foundry

Nowadays, many industries have entered the white-hot stage, for companies and individuals who want to have their own brand, choosing the right foundry is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of a brand, but choosing an ideal foundry is like finding a needle in a haystack, POLARBEAR collated some of the matters that must be noted when choosing a foundry:

  1. 1.field visits to manufacturers.

  2. 2.to confirm whether they have their own R & D room and R & D team. 3.whether they have advanced laboratory equipment, production equipment.

  3. 4. to examine the production plant, production lines, inventory workshop.

  4. 5.the larger the scale of production manufacturers, capacity production are absolutely square heart.

  5. 6.partners, with well-known partners, is the OEM / ODM manufacturers hardware and software of the dual guarantee.


4. Why choose us? 

✅ High capacity - POLARBEAR has a 20,000 square meter production base and a 20,000 square meter warehouse, and can produce more than 5,000 ATVs per month.

Fully automatic equipment - Our 100+ robots are professionally programmed to produce perfect products with precision and speed. We are introducing a 4-axis CNC machine and a 5-axis CNC machine in 2021, which can meet your higher machining needs!

Professional talent - We have professional R&D staff and testers to ensure that we make a unique and good product for you.

Best Service - Our sales staff is ready to respond to your messages every single day. Please feel free to contact us.

Non-differentiated service - We take any order seriously, whether they are $1000, or $10,000. We are deeply aware that any famous brand starts from zero, and because of this, we are very willing to accept small orders to help those who are just starting their business and reduce their financial pressure. We will be very happy to see your success!

Value Added Services

- Sample production at cost                                          

- Free set of product pictures (8 pictures)                                     

- Free laser marking                                           

- A single order amounting to more than $5000 will help customers create a website for free (including website framework and decoration, page classification, product classification, plug-in selection, tool docking, 50 images including decoration and logo (additional images and services are charged extra))

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