Brand Introduction of ZONGSHEN


Industry is the solid foundation for Zongshen to enter the industrial Internet. Zongshen is famous for its core engine technology, including motorcycle engine, special vehicle engine, general engine, boat engine, aircraft engine, power terminal products including motorcycle, special vehicle, garden machinery, small and medium-sized agricultural machinery. Among them, motorcycle engine, through the machine, tricycle in the forefront of the industry. Over the past 38 years, Zongshen has been deeply engaged in the manufacturing business, grown into a power system integration expert, and grown into an industry leader in fine manufacturing.

Zongshen takes new energy and aviation power as the main line of industrial transformation and upgrading. In the field of new energy, the investment in hair-issuing motor, electric control, continuously variable transmission (CVT), electric power system integration, wireless charging, hydrogen fuel cell, EMV pure electric vehicle, super capacitor and other projects can provide the most core power system and integrated solutions for new energy vehicles. Zongshen's independently developed aeroengines, which are mounted on large uAVs and plateau unmanned helicopters, have been successfully tested, filling the domestic gap, and a number of technologies have made major breakthroughs and entered mass production.



Many models of EGL MOTOR (All dirt bike, 250CC ATV) use Zongshen engine as a guarantee of quality.