Chain (A12/A15/A17T)
Features:The tension of the connection is just right, and the motion trajectory is stable when used.Designed for 150cc to 250cc bikes, strong enough and cost-effective.Light weight and durable.
Ignition Switch (A17T)
Two hole waterproof plug-in wire length of 720MM
Rear Shock (A17T)
A46AOL Airbag double adjustable black spring 350 lb L=482MM
Oil Filter
Fit for 2020 EGL 300CC
Radiator (A17T)
With fan and temperature control switch /NC250 With auxiliary kettle /450cc, aluminum alloy natural color
Fairing Assembly (A17T)
All the parts come from the original factory - EGL Motor, and fit A17T perfectly. Features: Kits are constructed from durable gloss polypropylene.Plastics come pre-drilled for easy installation.Pure white plastics, you can customize any decals you like.There is a cable clamp...
Wheel Spacers (A17T)
Front: Aluminum alloy anode 20* 27*25.5 ф Rear Left: Aluminum alloy anode black 25*29MM Rear Right: Aluminum alloy anode black 25* 23.5mm
from $14.99
Sprocket Gasket (A17T)
Inner hole: 119mm Positioning hole: 125mm Installation hole: ¢8.2*153mm 12 installation holes including 6 countersunk holes Thickness 10.5mm
Sprocket 49T (A17T)
7075 aluminum, CNC 520-49 Inner hole: 125mm Installation hole: ¢8*153mm Triangle pattern
Brake Disc (A17T)
Front: 6 holes, 270mm Rear: 4 holes, 240mm
from $24.99
Wheel Kits (CNC Hub) for CR CRF 125 250 450
Feature:1. HUBForged hub made from 6061 T-6 aluminum and CNC machined for precision fit, increased strength & maximum weight savings.The surface is anodized and looks great.T6 standard heated treatment ensure the material have highest density and highest strength.Hubs with 36...
Kill Stop Switch (A17T)
Two hole waterproof plug-in wire length of 720MM
Brake Master Cylinder Assy (A17T)
Front: Tubing total length: 1280mm Hard pipe length: 530mm Pump down to hard pipe: 420mm Abalone upper pump assembly: ZH055 upper pump (color: light yellow gray) 055 handle issin lower pump assembly: 099 lower pump (color: light yellow gray), 295...
from $69.99
Throttle Cable (A17T)
Stroke: 145MM Wire core: 1125 Leather length: 980
Clutch Cable (A17T)
Cable core: 1120 Leather length: 1040 Stroke: 80
28mm Handlebar 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Features:100% Brand New, Never Mounted.Gorgeous Anodized Surface And Incredible Light.Easy To Install.Specification:Color Option: Black/Gold/Green/Red/Orange/Blue/Titanium/Silver As PicturesMaterial: 7005-T6 AluminumClamp Area: 1 1/8" (28mm)Grips Area: 22mmFitment:Fit All Motorcycle Off Road (Might Need Additional Mount Kit - You Can Purchase In Our Store)Package...
Front Fork (A17T)
$425.00 $299.99
Front Fork (A17T)
Single cavity D48A0 54-59.5, L=940MM,¢48MM,103MM, single cavity double adjustable
$425.00 $299.99

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