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Rear Shock (A17T) Rear Shock (A17T)

Rear Shock (A17T)


A46AOL Airbag double adjustable black spring 350 lb L=482MM

Radiator Hoses (A17T) Radiator Hoses (A17T)

Radiator Hoses (A17T)


Fuel Tank Cap (A17T) Fuel Tank Cap (A17T)

Fuel Tank Cap (A17T)


Fuel Tank (A17T) Fuel Tank (A17T)

Fuel Tank (A17T)


Seat (A17T) Seat (A17T)

Seat (A17T)


Fairing Assembly (A17T) Fairing Assembly (A17T)

Fairing Assembly (A17T)


All the parts come from the original factory - EGL Motor, and fit A17T perfectly. Features:...

Front Fork (A17T) Front Fork (A17T)

Front Fork (A17T)




Single cavity D48A0 54-59.5, L=940MM,¢48MM,103MM, single cavity double adjustable

Rear Fork (A17T) Rear Fork (A17T)

Rear Fork (A17T)


Material: 7075 aluminum alloy

Kickstand (A17T) Kickstand (A17T)

Kickstand (A17T)




L: 365mm 18-21