Fairing Assembly (A12/A15)
All the parts come from the original factory - EGL Motor, and fit A12 & A15 perfectly. Features: Kits are constructed from durable gloss polypropylene.Plastics come pre-drilled for easy installation.Pure white plastics, you can customize any decals you like.There is...
from $7.99
Kickstand (A12/A15)
$18.00 $15.00
Kickstand (A12/A15)
Features:Good parallelism to withstand heavier loads.The widened bottom increases the contact area with the ground, providing greater stability.This is a more upright brace, and it can give your bike a 20° dip angle.Made of steel, won't break no matter how...
$18.00 $15.00
10*450mm Rear Shock (A12/A15)
Features:Overall upgrade from stock oil shocksRugged design comes standard with 10% stiffer springsIncludes springs, retainers and bumpers (where applicable)Sold eachSpecification:Length: 450mmWidth of spring: 10mm
Fuel Tank (A12)
Features:It is the original part of EGL A12, A15.Made with a Polyethylene crosslink for extra strength and durability.Allows for greater fuel capacity.Perfect profile.Come with gas cap.
Linkage (A12/A15)
A suspension link to lower the back of the motorcycle to help balance out the bike. This improves handling and keeps the bike going straight in whoops allowing the rider to be much more aggressive. It also keeps the back end...
51/54 830mm Front Fork (A12/A15)
Features:Improved dynamic performance for 2020 year modelGas pressurized damping system for immediate dampingExternal compression adjuster, angled for easy of reachExternal rebound adjusterHydraulic stops for great bottom-out resistanceTop-out springs and rubbers for smooth top out feelingStrong fork bottom material, highly resistant...
Swingarm (A12/A15)
Features:Forged and formed with suffficient hardness.The joints are welded automatically by robots, ensuring that every product you receive is of high quality.Perfect opening arc to match your bike.Reserve a 2.3-inch rear axle block sliding interval.Specification:Material: SteelLength: 24" / 61cmWidth of...
Foot Pegs (A12/A15/A16)
Features: Lighter weight but durable enough.Extra wide platform foot peg measures 50mm wide by 120mm long.The sawtooth on the surface increase the friction with the sole, and fits more firmly.Wide holes make it easier to clean the dirt inside.The most...
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