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Kickstand (A10/A11/A13)


L: 310mm

Rear Shock (A10/A11/A13)


280mm black seat white springAdjustable φ11 springBig diameter φ65Aluminum headUp φ20Down φ24

Seat (A10/A11/A13) Seat (A10/A11/A13)

Seat (A10/A11/A13)


Features:High seat foam has more cushion for a softer ride and makes it an easier...

Front Fork (A10/A11/A13) Front Fork (A10/A11/A13)

Front Fork (A10/A11/A13)


Up 45 Down 48L=735mmwith hose clamp

Fuel Tank (A10/A11/A13) Fuel Tank (A10/A11/A13)

Fuel Tank (A10/A11/A13)


Foot Pegs (A10/A11/A13) Foot Pegs (A10/A11/A13)

Foot Pegs (A10/A11/A13)


Swingarm (A10/A11) Swingarm (A10/A11)

Swingarm (A10/A11)


Material: 7075 aluminum alloy