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Fairing (A09) Fairing (A09)

Fairing (A09)


All the parts come from the original factory - EGL Motor, and fit A09 perfectly.Features:Kits...

Fuel Tank (A09) Fuel Tank (A09)

Fuel Tank (A09)


Features:It is the original part of EGL A09.Made with a Polyethylene crosslink for extra strength...

Swingarm (A09) Swingarm (A09)

Swingarm (A09)


Features:Forged and formed with suffficient hardness.The joints are welded automatically by robots, ensuring that every...

355mm Kickstand (A09) 355mm Kickstand (A09)

355mm Kickstand (A09)


Features:Good parallelism to withstand heavier loads.The widened bottom increases the contact area with the ground,...

Foot Pegs (A09) Foot Pegs (A09)

Foot Pegs (A09)


Features:Lighter weight but durable enough.Extra wide platform foot peg measures 50mm wide by 120mm long.The...