Gift your kid a perfect size ATV to explore the outdoors. All-Terrain Vehicles help to navigate any terrain and require proper research before buying. We are providing the complete guide on how to choose the right ATV for your kids and ATV size charts. The size you are planning must depend on the riding type and also the age of the kids. 


To consider the size of an ATV, there are few factors to be considered. They are:

  • Place you are planning to ride 
  • The main purpose of ATV
  • Your kid’s age and size
  • The type of riding
  • Who else rides and needs the ATV

Place you are planning to ride

The most significant factor to buy an ATV is the place you are planning as it regulates the power. If you are planning for trail riding, hunting, Motocross racing, farming etc. 

The type of riding

If you are planning for casual trail rides or snow ploughing, then your kid won’t ride for a long time. Therefore, you must need a beginner ATV that is simple to handle and focus on an automatic transmission. 

Who else rides and needs the ATV

As you are planning to take it for your kids, it is difficult for them to ride alone. The other person may be dad, mom or sibling or any other child. You have to consider the capability and experience of the person riding with your kid.



110CC ATV: (3 - 7 YEARS)

The smallest of all the engines is 60cc. It is built to be unreliable and possess various mechanical issues, therefore most of the parents do not feel comfortable and it is good for 3-7 years old kids. Actually, 110-150cc ATV’s has special parent controls like.


125cc ATV’s: (8 - 15 years) 

The most versatile ATV’s are 125cc ones. As it is hard to know how fast your child grows, it is better to go for 125cc ATV’s as they have a top speed of 25mph and parent controls. This poses special controls like.


150CC ATV & 200CC ATVS: (15 + YEARS)

The perfect ATV’s for teen riders as well as adults are 150cc ones. These have a top speed of 35 mph to 40 mph. These ATV’s will be easy for experienced riders who are perfect in riding a four-wheeler before.

One size ATV’s will not be available to serve all your purposes. Hence, it is mandatory to know the purpose and your plan on riding the ATV and get the solution for your question of what size ATV should I buy for my child. All the above-mentioned factors will determine the right size of ATV for you.

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