Five Motorcycle Products That Will Make Your Ride Stylish

Riding in the open air is addictive as it gives you a thrill that is unmatched. However, riding is also about looking great and stylish for the very purpose of owning a motorcycle is riding in style. There are accessories which will complement your look and make you look more stylish. We have made a list of the products you need to make your ride look more glamorous and sharp. It doesn’t matter even if you are on a tight budget as we have something for everyone.

Helmet Lights:

For any rider, the most important product that you have to carry is your helmet. It keeps you safe but with smart choices, it can also make you look stylish as helmets are available in various designs. Full face, flip face and open face helmets are on offer and there is always one to suit your budget. Even innovative designs like Mohawks, Spikes are available which jazz up your favorite helmet. You can also add more light to your ride by setting up lights on your helmets. Setting up the lights on your helmet is easy and they stay on for the lifetime of your helmet.


Mohawk Boots:

After a quick ride to a restaurant you can peel off your armored riding jacket, take your gloves off but your boots stay on. Hence boots are something we riders wear all day long and so they must be comfortable. Picking the right boots will need you to know about your lifestyle and the type of work. You must give preference to the type of closure that comes with your boots. If you want your boots to work for you off the bike the way they do on it then Mohawks should be your choice. Mohawks look cool as they don’t have the usual look of a riding boot. Yet the ankle cup and heel and toe protection make them safe for riding. They have a slimmer vertical profile made of full Grain leather makes them waterproof and the mesh lining offers better breathability. Moreover, they have a shifter strap which you can slip on to keep the lever from damaging your left toe. The stitched moc-toe design makes it more appealing. They are available at prices around $ 290

Leather Jackets:

Leatherwear has been the preferred choice for Long rides are more enjoyable and less tiring when you wear a high-quality leather jacket which provides a soft texture. Motorcycle jackets serve a dual purpose. They make you look good and also keep you warm in the cold weather. In the event of any mishap, they will protect you from minor injuries. It‘s frustrating to buy a new jacket if it lasts only for a few weeks. Leather jackets are exceptionally durable as they are made of rugged hide material. I have seen riders wearing the same jacket for years. When it comes to style there is no better choice of outwear than a leather jacket. They always remain trendy. Brown, black or even red will suit you depending on your preference and personality.

LED lights:

They are stylish, smaller and more efficient compared to filament bulbs. They last longer and thus they are extremely useful when used on a motorcycle. They also produce less heat and energy. LED lights to give you better vision and also make you more visible to other vehicles.

Motorcycle Jeans:

Helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots are your staple items but people often don’t care about motorcycle jeans. They are the best bet to save you in the unfortunate event of a crash. At a speed of 55 mph, if any accident exposes your bone. Motorcycle jeans provide you protection from debilitating road rashes. Wearing shorts while riding will only make you look dorky. As a rider good looking bike pants are essential for you. They make you look cool and casual and Abrasion-resistant motorcycle jeans also make you feel comfortable.


The Jeans ensure full-length abrasion resistance with Coolmax moisture wicking which gives you maximum comfort. It triple stitches 100 percent aramid fiber panels into the knees, hips, and butt. Two different pockets are there to install Knox Lite knee pads. You can wear it even when you are not on your bike and its comfort level may force you to replace your everyday favorites with it.

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