Which Dirt Bike Stand is the Best Worth?

Are you still struggling to raise your bike

Modifying or repairing your dirt bike is something that every rider will go through. For example, to replace a larger size wheelset, to replace the chain, or to replace front shock, we need to lift the bike up and let it hang, which can have enough space to replace these parts. Of course, a higher repair height will also make it easier for you.


I am sure you have seen this dirt bike stand (We named it #1)and probably you are using it. Its height is not adjustable, you can't get your bike to the height you want, which creates its limitations, it only fits a very small percentage of bikes, and it's quite dangerous!


It has very obvious flaws

  1. rough workmanship
  2. no non-slip rubber cover at the bottom
  3. non-adjustable height
  4. fast landing


These problems were overcome with use, and a second dirt bike stand began to appear on the market (we named it No. 2)


Yes, it was made by POLARBEAR. On the basis of #1

  1. Upgrade materials
  2. Anti-slip rubber added to the bottom
  3. Larger flat surface and anti-slip rubber gasket
  4. Adjustable height
  5. With hydraulic damp


It seems like all the defects were resolved. It has also gained the approval of many buyers, but it was manual welding, product quality is uneven.

Any product is obsolete one day, we will always be unsatisfied with the current state and hope to develop more sophisticated products. After receiving countless feedback from our customers, starting in May 2022, POLARBEAR introduced 100 automatic welding robots and upgraded this product!

I will show you pictures of this product and then explain in detail the improvements of this product.

What is the features about this product?

The great advantages of this stand.

  • All the welded parts are welded by robot automation, and the quality and strength of the welding are far better than the others.
  • Due to the use of robotic automated welding, the precision of the fit between the parts is perfectly controlled, which will make your installation and use process are more smooth!
  • You can see the uniquely shaped reinforcement design on the bottom of the support surface, which makes this dirt bike stand can support most of motorcycle safely.
  • The iron part is made of electric surge process, which is beautiful and waterproof and rust-proof.
  • The aluminum part is made of CNC, anodized and we can customize any color you want.
  • High-quality rubber with unique non-slip design allows your motorcycle to be parked stably.
  • The rubber gasket is removable. We offer rubber gaskets for purchase, and when you want to replace it, you can do so for a low cost, instead of having to buy a complete one again.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Packed in EPE and high hardness carton to ensure you receive the product in good condition, you can also sell it directly in your store.

Do customers like the product is POLARBEAR has been working hard to do the work, since this product was first sold in mid-September 2022, received a lot of dirt bike rider's attention, of course, there is also a need to improve again, POLARBEAR is grateful to our friends who have given us guidance.


Thank you for reading my share, now do you want to have one right away? Click the link below to buy it directly from our website, or you can click the second link to buy this dirt bike stand on Amazon.

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